Pottsville, Bongaree Bribie Island 

I have been slack again sorry, having a great time no time too keeping up with the blogging lol

Pottsville was a lovely campsite except for the tree we were parked under was full of roosting birds every night, which not only left a massive mess on the Sunliner, boy they were noisy and dropped a lot of seeds on the roof keeping us awake little buggers.

We did a lot of walking on the beach, really getting the steps in, we also managed to get in some bike riding, even a bit of dress shopping at a lovely little boutique I found !!!   Did a great deal getting them own to $50 as it was very dirty on the bottom but only needed a wash now as good as newThey also do some great Fish & Chips & Prawns just across the road from the campsite Yum !!!!

We had fantastic weather the four days we were there, a little busy as start of the school holidays but nothing that bothered us.

We were lucky enough to see whales & dolphins again but never get enough of them, especially why you see them from the beach just breaching in front of you and playing in the waves, I can’t wait to get down two the beach each day

Oh Our next stop was Bribie Island l just loved this place, we we parked across from the water, next to the RSL club, plenty of places to get a great seafood meal, or a salted caramel ice cream, I probably had two much of all of them.
We did do a lot of walking again and two very long bike rides, across the island so I think I deserved my ice cream.

We did get a couple of very windy days, one of theses day we hardly left the Sunliner as it was very dangerous with branches falling and stuff blowing around not pleasant 

I loved the sunsets on Bribie Island just beautiful, it was great to just walk across the road and you were on the beach, my kind of place.

I was a little disappointed that we weren’t able to go out on a boat from here when the weather calmed down, oh well you can’t have everything I suppose 

Loved the clear water and the sea life we saw as we walked in the water most mornings, the water was quite warm but still a little chilly for me two swim lol

This is one place I would really like to come back two, we even had a ride around on our bikes to look at the new places they are building, don’t know if it will get two big though, there’s a lot of properties been built, with not much space between them and on little blocks !!!! 

Well that’s all for now, I am still a little behind, will try to catch up in the next few days

Next stop Cambooya to see my brothers new place, stay safe everyone 


Nundle, Glenn Innes, Tenterfield out in the bush

Sorry I have not been keeping up to date with my posts, I have been very slack so here we go.

 First stop was Nundle a lovely little place not far from Tamworth, Brian and I had stopped there on our previous trip to Tamworth but everything was just closing. Well worth a look we visited the only remaining working Wool Mill in Australia amazing place, we got a guided tour for free and watched how they turned the sheeps wool into the balls of wool for knitting, things have hardly changed in years and still work well today.    The camp site in Nundle is lovely as were the couple that ran it, we had a very enjoyable stay. They recommend the tour of the the wool mill. Thank You It fascinated me as I do a lot of knitting especially on a cold dark night in the Sunliner when there isn’t much else to doWe walked over to the Gold Mine museum but unfortunately it was closed so we had lunch in the pub instead lol.     lovely old pub with a nice bistro area out the back but didn’t rate the meals very much, never mind can’t win them all as they say.

We then traveled on to Glen Innes, it was freezing there but a lovely town full of history. We went up to the museum and had a very interesting couple of hours, it used to be the old hospital and every room had so much to look at, a bit scary when you look back at some of the equipment they used back in the old days for operating on people !!!!  This is a stretcher they used to useThe kitchen was massive full of old pots and pans Brian loved all the old engines and farming equipment. Really is a great place to visit very well kept and maintained  Just love the old buildings in Glen Innes as you walk down the main streets it is like the clock has been turned back hundred years, the old Convent was for sale if you have a spare million, would make a lovely hotel !!!We decided it was two cold inland so we headed back over to the coast, not before we stopped off in Tenterfield for breakfast and I got to have a cuddle with this little orphan, we did notice how dry the land is and it forces the kangaroos to come in close to town and unfortunately a lot get hit by trucks and carsIt is lovely driving through the countryside it reminds me of my childhood as I grew up in the county in England love the open space but boy it was cold we will be back this way when it warms up a bit lolCatch up very soon Dawn xx

Two weeks back at Leonay

Yet again we had to go back to Penrith for a couple of weeks, more doctors appointments more scans and MRI on my shoulder verdict operation on 26th of October to repair a tear in my left shoulder that should of been done a couple of years ago.

We made the most of our couple of weeks as we always do

I had a great night up at Blackheath with Chris on the Friday 25th August we stayed up in the Blue Mountains at Glenella Guest House ( amazing place if you are looking for a B&B)  We put on a presentation for his friends in the Blue Mountains Camino Supporters Group, Chris and I did Just short of 300klm walk in 2014 on the El Camino Santiago . Chris did an interview with me when we returned, and we shared this with the lovely people in the supporters group, also a video of our first very tough day as we climbed over the Pyrenees from France into Spain. Some of the group have done the 800klm walk over the Pyrenees to Santiago, some are thinking about it, so this is a great way to share stories, meet people and get lots of tips, we had a great meal lots of red wine and the next day a few off us did a walk from Blackheath to Medlow Bath had morning tea then walked back        ( about 10 Klm) great couple of days with my son.

A few of us who did the walk the Saturday
Once again it was great to catch up with the kids, we had Ayshea, Phil and Isabel come to see us at Chris’s the Sunday before last, we took Isabel to the Reggat Centre she rode her bike and played on her scooter with Chris I don’t know who had more fun lol,  We also flew a kite that I brought back from Red Rock for Isabel it was just windy enough to make it a whole lot of fun, love family days like this, we went back to Chris’s for a BBQ before they had to head off

.Unfortunately I did not take any photos that day maybe Chris will add the video he took !!!!!

I asked Chris to take me kayaking this Saturday just gone, this is something we do every Mother’s Day but have not been able to go for the last couple of years because of my shoulder, he was very hesitant as he didn’t want me to do any more damage, I insisted and we took it slow and gently, Chris gave me his new very light paddle and I really enjoyed the day, I did pay for it the next day but what the hell, !!!  Thank goodness for ant inflammatory and painkillers 

On Sunday the 4th of September Fathers Day we all went to Mooney Mooney Workers Club for lunch, unfortunately Chris didn’t make it as he has had a reaction to something the last couple of weeks and on Sunday came out in big red welts, he spent 3hrs in the doctors as they were so busy that he wasn’t able to make it in time.  It was great to catch up with Phil’s mum and dad again lovely people, Ayshea looked amazing, Isabel had a lovely time colouring in a great time was had by all.

Brian & I are heading off again in the Sunliner until I have to go and have my shoulder operation on October, so stay tuned first stop Nundle not far from Tamworth 

Brian & Dawn

Ballina & Lennox Heads

We can’t thank Warwick & Gloria enough for their generous hospitality, what a fantastic week in Ballina with some great people. We stayed in there lovely home and were made very welcome loved the whole experience. 

Warwick & Dawn
Gloria & Dawn

We have grown very fond of the area, can see why they love it here, we have had meals out, we have walked we have done a couple of markets, there is everything you need. 

I really enjoyed walking down to the spit each day to watch the whales and the dolphins and I was never disappointed saw them every single day.

We had a drive out to Brunswick Heads on the Sunday it was a spectacular day, we had a lovely walk then had lunch at the Brunswick Heads Pub a couple of pizzas and a ceasar salad yum!!

A couple of pictures from Brunswick Heads 

Brian & Warwick 

Warwick made a great fire at the bottom of the garden two nights in a row, it was so relaxing listening to the river, having yummy prawns and champagne, toasted marshmallows, great company could not ask for more.

Brian & Warwick

I took a lot of photos of the lovely sunset, also the friendly pelican that came in each day, it was amazing how the scenery changed as the tide went in and out

Gloria took me out for a drive to Lennox Heads it was a very windy blustery day and a lot cooler than we had been experiencing but we still had a nice walk. As you can see the sea was crashing in   Love the power of the sea

Well we are heading back to Sydney again to see the kids, it’s Our son Chris’s Birthday on the 31st August and Fathers Days on the 3rd September so looking forward to a couple of nice catch ups and family time.

Catch up soon

Ballina & Brunswick Heads

I have fallen in love with Ballina, we spent a couple of nights at the Discovery Park very nice and very full, it was like a revolving day one van out another in, but then we went to our friends place and are staying with them for a week. Warwick & Gloria live on the river, lovely house great company ideal setting just love the place.

Brian and I walked out to the end of Ballina spit and straight away saw Dolphins & Whales we are great at spotting them now, the whales were really close in and the dolphins just surfing the waves a magnificent sight I can watch them for hours, Brian has to drag me away lol

On Saturday Brian and Warwick went off for a boys day and I had the day to my self, I did a walk up to the lighthouse, down along the beach then to the end of the spit, only saw one Whale, but nice and close in.

We had a lovely meal out with our friends at an Italian Restaurant that night very enjoyable.

We drove our Sunliner over to Warwick & Glorias house and parked her up as we are staying in their house!!!! Luxury not having to walk out side to the loo or shower oh the little things we miss.

Warwick drove us over th Brunswick Heads, we had a look round the Sunday markets, bought my self a little sun dress as the weather is amazing supposed to be 29deg this Wednesday & Thursday looking forward to a beach day to work on the tan.

We might even get the kayaks out and do a bit of fishing in the next coupl of days, see how we go.
The last two night we have sat around the fire pit, drinking wine eating fresh prawns, toasting marshmallows oh what a life, love this thing called retirement, go to bed when you want get up when you want, have a nanny nap on the beach hard life lol

It has been great to have friends to talk with and catch up, it sure breaks things up a bit, in a nice way, a chance to enjoy the company of friends is always good.

Brian has been helping Warwick around the yard a bit today, even got to go to his favourite shop Bunnings, it’s been a while lol

I have done my daily walks to the end of the spit, I am loving Ballina, I just love the nature on the door step, today we saw a sea eagle with a fish in his claws, flew over us then landed just behind us and eat his fish, magnificent sight

Also saw lots of lizards and various birds, you just don’t know who you are going to bump into

We have a couple more days here sure am going to miss this place

TW3 – That Was The Week That Was…

Coffs Harbour was our next port of call – we arrived on Wednesday August 2 and stayed until Saturday at North Coast Holiday Park which is very central, located on the Pacific Highway close to the CBD. There is a little more noise than we are used to because of the trucks lumbering past but all in all it serves its purpose well. There is an amazing population of rabbits in this park and they are all colours and all shapes and sizes…

We were able to easily restock the van as the shops are all very close and we even went to the movies, not once but twice, and saw The War For the Planet of the Apes on the first night and Dunkirk on the second visit – seniors discount makes a lot of things possible!! Coffs is a bicycle friendly town and we were able to take full advantage of the bike tracks nicely segregated from the traffic. We cycled out to the Clog Factory – I think you need some inner soles Dawn….



A little bit of sole…

Some things never change and are something of a constant – The Big Banana is one of those places. Coffs is famous for its many banana plantations – this is just one of them


A unique tourist attraction on the run North out of Coffs

We headed a few kilometres further North to a small settlement called Red Rock – and stayed at another  North Coast Holiday Park.  Red Rock is a pretty place and again we were able to easily cycle anywhere we wanted to go. Over the last 4 weeks we have been truly blessed with the weather as I am sure you have seen the clear blue skies in just about every picture. We have to keep reminding ourselves that we are still in the grips of the Australian winter which could return at any time but over the next week or so the temperatures will steadily climb as we venture a little further North up the coast and eventually it has got to 30 degrees as a day time temperature – quite amazing.

Once again we have been rewarded for our patience with lots of (daily) sitings of whales as they migrate north to the breeding and calving grounds in the region of the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland. We get a thrill with every single one we see – and as you will discover shortly some sitings are somewhat more spectacular than others…


Nice Perch

A clear day will usually present a spectacular sunset – we tend to get somewhat blasé about them (just like whale sitings I guess)…


Goodbye Wednesday

We farewelled Red Rock and then moved 160Kms (100 miles) to Evans Head – another thriving coastal community which is doing very well for itself. Another North Coast Holiday Park provided the camping site and with the beach just less than 5 minutes away we were set for more relaxation.


Lest we Forget

This beautiful, simple memorial to the fallen of every war has a special place in the middle of the town and serves as a reminder to us all…

We walked through the National Park that surrounds Evans Head and came across this grotto in the middle of nowhere. The locals have a sense of humour and it has been added to by visitors over the years.


Welcome to my Grotto. Gnome sweet Gnome

Evans Head is a clean and special environment which we thoroughly enjoyed and on the way out of town we stopped at the very special F-111 Museum. Anyone who knows me will remember that I am passionate about cars and planes and so we made a detour out to the museum. Unfortunately it was closed – in winter time it only opens on weekends but there in the doorway was an official looking chap. “Can we just have a peek inside??”. Better than that, I’ll give you a personalised tour of the exhibits and answer all your questions!! No “Job’s Worth” here…



Australia’s last but one F-111


Stand clear of the After-Burners

Some of the other sites of Evan’s Head


Hello Mrs Foster

And so we rolled into Ballina. The North Coast Parks were full and so we had a change of venue and stayed instead at The Discovery Park at Ballina which is a pretty spot in East Ballina but again waterside and close to the Ocean Beach. Our very special friends Gloria and Warwick Hardwick live in Ballina and we were always going to get to see them. We had a lovely dinner on Friday night with another couple of their friends (Toni and Graham). Lots of activities were planned but nothing prepared me for Saturday Morning. I had discovered at dinner that Graham had a “bit of a car collection” and of course being a car-nut we arranged to meet at Graham’s factory the next morning so I could see it. The door opened and I was both delighted and astonished at what I was seeing. It seemed as if the “bit of a car collection” went on for miles – I lost count of how many Mark 1 Lotus Cortinas there were – not just a Mark 1 with Lotus paint colours but the genuine McCoy with full provenance. As well as Cortinas there were Mark 1 and Mark II Escorts, a couple of Capris (one being an RS3100!!) a Reliant Scimitar GTE Shooting Brake (Princess Anne had one in the ’70’s) and a collection of single seater racing cars culminating in Al Unser Jnr’s Lola Indy Car from 1986. It completely took my breath away – Graham has now agreed to adopt me as his son (yabba dabba doo!!!)… I have so many more pictures – but these few will have to do…


My Favorite


Some of the Single Seaters


A pair of Genuine Twin-Cam Escort Mark I


A Lotus Cortina still wearing its original UK Number Plate from 1965

This (for me) was a hard act to follow. I spent more than 3 hours at the factory and had to keep pinching myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

Ballina is one of the most Easterly points of Australia – it juts out into the Pacific ocean and therefore as the whale population migrates North it passes quite close to Ballina. However on Tuesday the 15th, a mother and calf came closer in shore than we ever seen before and cruised past the Ballina Breakwater less than 50 metres from the shore


Almost close enough to touch her. Her exhalation of breath was quite deafening

As she cruised away into the distance another whale decided to turn on a bit of a show. He was a little further out, maybe 700 metres or so but you don’t get to see this every day so close to the shore


The big splash catches your attention. You can see the whale breaching through the spray…


The next was closer in…


Usually only the males breach like this


Almost touchdown…

It is very exhilarating to see these majestic creatures and we have become quite adept at spotting the whale plume in the distance and then track them across our field of vision – never ever do we get tired of seeing the whales and dolphins that we are privileged to be able to see…


One of our many Ballina whale watching vantage points

It is now Wednesday August 16 – another winters day when the temperature has touched 30 degrees and now, at 11:15pm it is still 21deg!!!

We left the caravan park and we are now staying at Gloria and Warwick’s house (the Sunliner is parked outside) and will stay until Sunday the 20th when we will have to take off for Sydney, 767Kms to the South (about 485 miles) where we have to take care of some business. We’ll stick around for our son’s birthday on the 31st and Father’s Day on September 3. I am hoping that my new Dad who has just adopted me presents me with the keys to the RS3100 – what do you reckon the odds are for that happening.

Hope springs eternal!!

Until next time

Red Rock & Evans Head

Today we left Red Rock ( Blood Rock ). after a three day stay, it was a very special place, there was a massacre there where aboriginal people, Gumbaingirr People were driven off the headland into the sea over conflict about land, it was a place that made me feel very peaceful I went to the top of the cliff each day and watched whales and dolphins pass by, I lost track of time and just loved the place. ( I sat at the top of the cliff looking down on Red Rock)We had a couple of nice walks on the beach, we also took the bikes out but not a good place really to bike ride as no real tracks, we walked down on the other side where there was a big sandbank which on low tide was a great place to see pelicans, and fisherman but we didn’t see either of them catch much fish lol

There are heaps of these wild turkeys in most of the camps we have stayed out, very cheeky they come looking for a feed, watch out I have a packet of stuffing in the Sunliner!!!!!!! It is great to visit these amazing places, but to be honest I am struggling with the big changes, it would be great to hear from other people that are doing similar trips, 

It is different spending 24/7 with Each other and I’m sure Brian feels the same as it is not something either of us is used too !!! 

It’s dark at 5.30pm there is not a lot goes on in the camps at this time of year (wintertime) and it gets cold as soon as the sun goes down, we usually take a walk till it gets dark, and  I am sure it will be different as the nights get lighter and warm. We do get to say hello to a few people through the day but not much else. This is the hard bit for me as when I was at work I was surrounded by people all day long, it is a massive change and that’s the bit I am struggling with.

We are looking forward to catching up with our friends on Friday in Ballina Warwick and Gloria spend a couple of days catching up I am sure there will be lots of car talk lol.  Also lots of wine to be drunk 

We arrived at Evans Head today, another beautiful warm day, we had a walk along the river to the beach just in time to see another glorious sunsetThis Is a lovely place, lots of nice shops (bought a couple of tops) done a bit of walking had some lovely seafood working on the tan as the weather has been amazing, perfect !!!!

Next stop will be Ballina but on the way out of Evans Head Brian wanted to check out some planes made him happy !!

Time to get showers and ready to hit the town.  Take care Dawn & Brian

Mylestom & Coffs Harbour 

Hi there how are you all, Brian and I have been a little sick since my last Blog, Brian had the man flu, he was quite sick for a few days, dosed him up with hot lemon and antibiotics as it went to his chest, and plenty of Panadol, and I had a pain running all the way down the back of my left leg, could not sit or stand comfortably sciatica  I thing very painfully. I went to get a pedicure as I could not bend down to do my nails and she put the vibrating chair on my back while she did my feet and that helped immensely thank goodness.

We spent three days in Mylestom, not much to do there at all, nice beaches you can walk for miles if you feel like it, we saw a Whale breaching in the distance watched him for about an hour never get tired of seeing the whales. I think we both had a nanny naps on the beach as we had a few restless nights, but that’s ok !!!

We had some lovely sunsets, and the Sunliner looked great with the firery sky behind her, it was quite chilly in the evenings when the sun went down but lovely through the day. We had a kookaburra that sat in the tree next too our van beautiful bird although quite loud when he got wound up also lots or lorikeets and bush turkeys
I did not take many picture at Mylestom as didn’t feel great and really not much to see, we walked down to the river a couple of times, only about 10mins away and had a feed at the one and only shop/take a way. 
We moved to Coffs Harbour on Wednesday and Went straight to the shops to stock up on food as we had used most of our fresh fruit and veggies, we pulled in to the campsite in Coffs Harbour it was very big and very nice, great facility and it was in walking distance of every thing which is always a bonus. There are heaps of rabbits running around they are everywhere you have to watch out for them as they go under the van, not a smart move !!!
We have been out on our bikes for the last couple of days, there are a couple of good bike tracks that take you down to the Jetty, the weather is great although we did get a nice bit of rain last night, it is great to be in shorts and T shirts in the middle of winter no complaints from us even got a bit if a tan happening.

Brian and i walked up to the movies on Tuesday night and watched the new Planet of the Apes movie it was great, even Brian enjoyed it not his type of movie but we got a couple of laughs out of him all the same.
We also visited the place where they make the clogs it’s years since I have been there still the same hasn’t changed at allWe are moving tomorrow to Red Rock so speak soon 

TW3 – That Was The Week That Was

It has been quite a full on couple of weeks since I last updated the Blog – so here goes.

We started off back in Sydney because of a couple of necessary Doctor’s Appointments and so we were delighted to have the opportunity of an Extended Family Get-Together at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo. You might remember that a couple of weeks ago we went to Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo so it was interesting to see more of the collection in the iconic Sydney location.

So it was that on Sunday July 16 we took off to Taronga to meet up with Ayshea, Phil and Isabel plus Phil’s Mum and Dad Laura and Malcolm plus our own Christopher too. Again the weather was kind to us with Blue Sky and pleasant temperatures.



Cheeky Cocky in Chris’ garden has pinched the rabbits corn cob. Messy too…


Phil and Ayshea looking so cool..




Chris and Ayshea – so cool too…



The Two Mums – Laura and Dawn

After Taronga we got on our way again on Thursday July 20 – we were going to go for a walk on the Moon but someone beat us to it 48 years earlier so instead we headed off to Tamworth to meet up with Dawn’s long-time friend Heather. It was cold and frosty through the night but beautiful weather during the day. For those readers not from Australia, Tamworth is known as the Country Music Capital of Australia being home to a massive Country Music Festival every January. There are Country Music buskers on the streets all year round – a really pleasant inland city.

On Saturday, we were invited to 2 functions – a double treat. Heather works in her son’s Sports Store and the Manager is a coach to a football team. I love watching kids play football and so around 12 o’clock I was on the side line watching the action. For the record the team won 4-1 and as 12 year olds it was good to see them exercising their football brains and not just hoofing the ball anywhere.

Every year in the nearby township of Kootingal there is a charity rugby league game and this year the game was against Walcha and we were invited to the match. This was very much a one-sided affair with Kootingal running out winners by a mammoth 72-4. What was even more staggering was the aftermath at the Kootingal pub where the commemorative jerseys worn by the team are auctioned off. A staggering $10,345 was raised which is a phenomenal effort for such a relatively small community… So impressed.



Play us a song Mate!!


Dawn, Heather and friend Rhonda during the Charity Auction

Tamworth wasn’t finished with us yet. On Sunday morning Dawn and I went to the Country Music Hall of Fame and spent a couple of hours working our way through the exhibits. In the picture below is an early mixing desk, the work of which could probably be done on a mobile phone app these days but in the 1960s this would be the ultimate technology…


Technology that I can understand…

But there was a special event on Sunday evening that had captured our imagination. On July 9 1986, Dawn and I, together with my sister Janet and nephew Garry were fortunate to have tickets to go to St James’ Park in Newcastle Upon Tyne and be a part of the last but one (ever) Queen Concert – A Kinda Magic Tour. Being in the same vicinity as the iconic Freddie Mercury was awesome. When we first arrived in Tamworth, there on TV was an advert for a Queen Tribute Concert based on that very tour and what’s more it was going to be performed on that Sunday night at the Tamworth Entertainment Centre. It was simply too good to miss…






When “Freddie” wears this get up then there is only one song being performed……..              


I Want to Break Free





We even got to meet the cast…

Wow – it was such a thrill and so good to see. We were on our feet just about the whole concert.

We were due to head off on Monday Morning July 24 so said a sad goodbye to Heather and set off for Bonny Hills on the coast just to the South of Port Macquarie. What a beautiful place and an absolutely magnificent Caravan Park – Bonny Hills – North Coast Holiday Park Bonny Hills). Our site was on the cliff top overlooking the ocean and once more we were treated to a steady stream of dolphins and whales close to the shore and easily visible to anyone patient enough to take the time and watch


Sunrise at Bonny Hills

Australia is renowned for its wildlife, some of which you don’t really want to stumble across. In the unseasonably warm weather some of those creatures may well be waking up early. There was a plethora of warning signs….



Here’s why there are signs around….

Every day we went onto the beach at Bonny Hills and looked in the rock pools as the tide dropped. I had said to Dawn that we should be careful as The Blue Ringed Octopus lives in such rock pools but they are very very dangerous. Lo and behold the next rock pool I came to was resplendent with a resident octopus – fortunately not the blue ringed type. These are fascinating creatures to watch going about their business and suddenly our 1 octopus disturbed a second under a rock ledge!! Wow, now it was on for young and old – Dawn took some video footage which she has posted on Facebook…


This is Octopus #1


#2 – in full camouflage mode

The next day we went to the beach again and this time in a very shallow rockpool I came across a Wobbegong (or Carpet Shark) which was struggling in the shallow water. I didn’t realise that these docile sharks were more than capable of looking after themselves and that my “encouragement” of moving him to deeper water could have led to my receiving a rather nasty bite. But all ended well….


Dawn’s new chum…



A Surfer’s Paradise



Our selfie to say Goodbye to Bonny Hills

All too soon it was time to farewell Bonny Hills and move up to Nambucca Heads. They were different as chalk and cheese where the Bonny Hills site was sensational, Nambucca Heads was OK. The beaches are nice and we saw our requisite pod of dolphins whenever we went to the beach but all the same Bonny Hills is in a league of its own….











Good Morning Nambucca Heads


A family grouping of dolphins, This is a breaking wave, that’s how close these guys come to the shoreline



And so that is it for this fun filled 2 weeks. The weather has been record-breaking – awesome leaps to mind. Alas I have been a victim of influenza over the last 3 days which have really been a drag but we have now moved on from Nambucca and are resident at Mylestom North Beach

Then its on to Coffs Harbour  and Red Rock – stay tuned for the next instalment….

Bonny Hills Wauchope

Love this campsite at Bonny Hills (North Coast Park) very clean lovely room to cook up your food with every thing you need, great washing machines and a big area to hang out the washing, they even have a dog wash, not that we have a dog but i found it quite amusing. We are overlooking the ocean, fantastic view from our Sunliner watching the whales go past.We even have a friendly koala though he does look a bit blue today !!!!

Brian is sat enjoying the view before we go off for our morning walk. What will we see today ???

We had a great encounter with octopus on Monday fantastic to watch They are so quick 

We went back down to the rock pool yesterday and they were still there so took video of them, didn’t get very far on our walk lol we also saw a little wobbegong he was struggling in the very shallow water so Brian encouraged him back into deeper water.
The weather is just fantastic 24degs today so better head off to the beach, it’s calling my name or maybe Brian’s. !!!

Today we saw so many dolphins surfing the waves with the surfers, and just playing in the surf having a ball so good to watchIt will be very hard to leave this place but leave we must, next stop Nambucca Heads but before I go time for a couple more photos lol.    think I want to be a photographer when I grow up !!!!    Don’t know when that will good night from Bonny Hills