Sunday 30th April on our way to Charlie’s to reunite with rSunliner 

Sunday morning 30th April was time to say goodbye to a few people, we all went downstairs to have another good feed before going our separate ways. I said goodbye to my good friend Bhajan


Dawn & Bhajan

Melissa, Mark and the kids drove us over to my brothers house in Huonville, it was good to see Charlie he was busy with his garage sale and sorting his garlic ready to plant.

Charlie my brother

The kids loved Charlie’s garden they went and filled their pockets with apples, Melissa & I helped our selves to some Almonds straight from the tree ” delicious”

Charlie’s mate came around and dropped off a beautiful Crayfish which was so fresh and tasty let me tell you yum yum yum

Brian did a bit of sorting in the Sunliner, while I caught up with Charlie, we then noticed that there was a bushfire burning behind the cherry orchard boy did it through out some smoke and ash but did make for a nice sunset shot.

Smokey Sunset


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