Sorting out rSunliner

Monday 1st MayToday we did a lot in the Sunliner rearranging thinks to make life a little easier.

Took a lot of stuff into Charlie’s for him to garage sale on the weekend made him happy, made me happier as I can now get in and out of the van and know where most of our stuff is.

We all had a ride into Huonville it had been raining quite hard then the sun came out and I managed to snap this rainbow

I am finding the scenery breathtaking and don’t know we’re to look some times, I am finding myself constantly behind the camera lens trying to capture the beauty like this picture

That night we sat outside round a fire, The wine flowed, Stories were told, it was a fantastic night.

We had a home cooked dinner my contribution was an Apple and Pear crumble, all freshly picked from Charlie’s trees.

Didn’t get chance to take a picture of the pie didn’t last long enough lol


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