Cataract Gorge 2

I found the chairlift ride over the Gorge a great way to see everything from a different perspective

Looking down on the magnificent ferns for instance, amazing

We got to get up close and personal with the wallabies and the peacocks that roam freely around, it sure was a great way to get    Our  10,000 steps in for the day.

We headed back to the Sunliner around 1.30pm only to find we had been broken into, what a horrible sinking feeling, my handbag with every thing in had gone, purse, glasses, sunglasses, camera, and all the things a women carry around. Brian backpack with wallet sunglasses etc, we spent the next couple of hours in the police station and cancelling all our cards, the low life scum had already made 7 fraudulent purchases on our cards.

It’s the inconvenience of it all, we had to spend the next day getting the lock temporarily fixed up and bits and pieces done just so it was safe to drive around.

We got a call from a lady in Launceston saying she had found some stuff in the park, my makeup, some cards of my husbands nothing of value but it made me feel worse knowing someone was sat in the park going through my bag just randomly throwing stuff away.

Well as they say tomorrow’s another day, chin up !!!!!


2 thoughts on “Cataract Gorge 2

  1. Eeeeee look at youse twose. Great to know what you are up to yet so sorry to hear about the breakin. What’s the plan or is the plan not to have a plan. Was the photo of the fern taken from the cable car. It looks massive 😉 X


    • We have no real plans when we leave Tassi, we will get the van door fixed up probably when we get back to Melbourne, then visit a good friend for a couple of days then who knows lol. Yes we were on the chairlift when I took the photo of the ferns, sure was a beautiful place.


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