Bruny Island

10th April

Today Brian and I got up early and headed off to Kettering to meet up with the bus to take us over to Bruny Island, it was a very cool start to the day but soon warmed up with a hot drink and a hot lamb and rosemary pie, not an ideal breakfast but did the trick.

 We then crossed over on the ferry about a 20 min trip and headed off to Adventure Bay, we did stop at a look out on the way where I took this picture, well worth the climb up the 250 steps 

We got on our boat and headed out to look for the colony of fur seals, we stopped on a number of occasions to look at the beauty of the rock formations, we saw Albatross gliding and swooping into the sea such a magnificent bird, we also saw the biggest pod of dolphins I have every seen at least 300 they were every where putting on a real show for us.

As you can see from our attire we are rugged up nice and warm, All the seals are just lazing around getting nice and fat waiting for mating season, there is a lot of squabbling and noise and the smell is quite over powering
It was a three hour tour, well worth the money, and for me I think the highlight was seeing so many dolphins and seeing them so close to the boat just riding the waves, great day out and once back on shore finished off with a lovely salmon lunch, and a hot drink to thaw out the fingers.


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