Party Time @ Charlie’s

Charlie decided to have a veranda party last night, He has been working on it all week with a little help from Brian, they did a pretty good job I think. We had a very wet day yesterday but that did not dampen the spirits of the guys that came round.I made a lovely meal in the slow cooker which went down a treat on the cold night, I picked apples from the tree and made two apple pies, no one went hungry, these are a couple of pictures of me and my brother Charlie and one of his mates Simon we managed to keep nice and warm around the fire, although I am over my clothes smelling of smoke yuk !!

One of the guys Govner even brought some fireworks which didn’t go down well with the neighbours but it was fun for a while !!

He has lots of interesting potted plants around the plants some of which he sells.

It sure has been a different kind of a week for Brian and I and I think Charlie’s been glad of a bit of company, it can be very lonely on your own, but there again he does sometimes prefer his own company, he does lots of reading I don’t think I have ever seen so many books in one persons home. These are a few he picked up the other day lol.  He also has lots of unique things in his home some freak me out a bit but hay that’s Charlie wouldn’t have him any other way.


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