Mothers Day Dover Tasmania 

Well Mothers Day this year was a little different spent in Dover Tasmania with Brian my hubby, we went out for a drive over to Dover another beautiful part of Tassie, we had a stroll on the beach, almost had it to ourselves the sun was out after a couple of very cold days, so we made the most of  itWe had lunch over at the local RSL Club which was lovely, the staff and locals were all very friendly which was great, I was given chocolate from the young girl who served our lunch, it was definitely all about making mums feel special

I also captured the rainbow shooting out of the howitzer (field gun) out the front of the RSL Dover
As I was eating my lunch and looked out of the window there was this beautiful rainbow across the bay just for me !!!

After our fish and chip lunch we went for another walk, as we did also have a big dessert and needed to walk it off, Brian was running around chasing the seagulls ( too much sugar I think)
We saw a guy that reminded me of Wurzel Gumage collecting seaweed for his garden, Brian had a chat to him, he washes it of then dries it out and then puts it on his garden, he was a lovely old chap
We had a lovely day, I wish to thank Brian as he knew I was missing the kids on Mother’s Day but made it very special
Thank You Love You xxxx

We only have a couple of days left in Tassi before heading back to the mainland so we will be making the most of them, who can resist theses gorgeous beaches


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