Charlie & Me time to say Goodbye 

16th May

It was time to say goodbye to my Brother Charlie today, we had a good couple of weeks catching up and reminiscing,

Charlie was very sick about four years ago he had bowel cancer and we nearly lost him, it was hit and miss for a while but after a long 5 hour operation he made it through, He ended up staying with Brian and I for about 6 months, through all the radiation and chemotherapy treatment , it wasn’t easy for any of us, but family stick together.

Seeing him look so well this visit really lifted my spirit, watching him work in the garden planting endless gloves of garlic made me smile, he has so many different things growing I was picking and shelling Almonds never tasted so good, we made at least three apple crumbles and apple pies in two weeks lol Brian had the grapefruit and Pears,

Sitting around the fire out side most night, I became accustomed to the smell of smoke on all my clothes, we chatted about all sorts of stuff, from when we were kids to the plans for our futures.

Driving away today I wasn’t sad, just the opposite, Charlie lives his own life always has always will, but it was good to share some quality time together hope we catch up soon brother of mine, love you xxx


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