Back in Sydney

We arrived in Melbourne around 5.30am on Thursday morning 18th May we managed to have quite a good nights sleep, could have been something to do with the wine we drank, we were about the 4th off the Spitit of Tasmania and managed to find our way out of Melbourne very easily with our 50cent map worth every penny.

We watched the sun come up as we headed towards SydneyIt was a long drive we stopped a couple of times to stretch our legs and have a bite to eat, we even climbed into the back of the Sunliner and had 90 mins shut eye, that’s the great thing about th motor home you just stop and rest up when you need to recharge the batteries.

We arrived at Chris’s house around 6pm it was great to see him and give him a big hug, he had dinner waiting for us which was great, we sat down and had a glass of win an caught up on what had happened over the last 3 weeks.

Brian and i had an early night after a very long drive we were exhausted

Friday we spent doing all kinds off stuff, I started at the doctor, i had to get new prescriptions for the medication that went missing when my bag was stolen, next stop was the RTA to get a new drivers licence then Specsavers to order new glasses, we spent the whole day trying to replace all the stolen items, the low life scum have no idea how inconvenient they have made thinks for us but you just do what you have to do.

Saturday it was great to see Ayshea our daughter, we had a lovely family day together and just reassured each other that we were ok just a bit of a set back with the van but hope to be soon back on our journey. We sat outside and shelled a bag of almonds that I brought back from Tassie, i think more were eaten than but bin the container!!!!!

Today Sunday we went up to Springwood in the Blue Mountains had a wonder around the book shops, it was a glorious Autum day, Brian and i then did the river walk which is about 7kms so got our 10,000 steps in easily today. It was lovely to see all the autum colour, the river was busy on such a fabulous sunny day we saw one of Chris friends kayaking with her friend so took a shot of them
When we arrived back at Chris’s place he was flat out doing errr nothing lolII love the native cockatoo that come and sit in Chris’s tree, they are Very noisey but a great bird to just sit and watch, nice way to finish the day


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