Still in Limbo 

It has been a week now since we arrived back in Sydney, it is a very frustrating time trying to sort out stuff, we have still had no luck finding a new door for the Sunliner Brian says they are as rare has rocking horse shit !!!

It has been a good week for all our personal cards arriving also bought a new purse and handbag to replace the stolen ones

We are still at Chris’s house so have been earning our keep, as you can see i put Brian to work on cleaning the pool, he did a great job I might add,  I got my self busy in the garden as the weather all week has been just great.

We have also done a few walks along the Nepean River it is so full of amazing colours this time of year, and listening to the Bellbirds echoing through the trees, such a distinctive sound.

Doing the walk is an easy way to get in the 10,000 steps that i set my self each day, and see the beauty of what is on your doorstep, something we all take for granted some times.

It will be great to get back to our trip but at this stage it is not clear when, it makes me so mad to think that it has all come to a grinding halt because of some low life wanting an easy fix,  We are very pleased to have the base here with Chris and also catch up with a few friends again but just want to continue with what we only just started,

Our Road Trip Around Australia in Our Sunliner.

Stay Tuned Dawn & Brian


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