Return of the Sunliner, Re Start Our Trip

Yay at last we have picked up the Sunliner, all back to her sparkling self

We are packing up the Sunliner once again, cleaned her all inside, cleaned the fridge, repacked the cupboards etc

Beding and towels all washed and ready to go back in, went and did some shopping restocked the cupboards, heading to the farmers markets on Sunday to restock the fridge and then we will head out on Monday 

We are going to go to Dubbo and stop at the Zoo as we have always driven through but never stopped, we are planning to cycle round weather permitting give me a chance to try out my new bike again

It will be hard to leave my kids again, thank goodness for FaceTime, was lovely to catch up with Ayshea and Phil and Chris

I would like to say a big thank you to Chris for letting us stay out his place, it has been great, thanks for taking me out bushwalking and cycling you sure have had a lot of patience with me lol     love you heaps will miss you loads xxx

Ayshea and Phil and Isabel always good to catch up with your little family, got in a couple of extra visits and meals out which i never say no too lol.   Love you all to the moon and back will miss you beautiful girl xxxxx
We are going to dinner with our good friends tomorrow night Geoff and Bhajan always puts on a good meal, it feels like we have done this all before lol hope this time our trip lasts a bit longer, always good to catch up though xx
Thank you to our friends that have helped us out with cars and lifts we have been very lucky to have such good family and friends that have been there for us.

Well my next post we should be on our way feeling very excited but a little sad hate saying goodbye 

Stay tuned Dawn xxxx


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