Back On The Road

Well we have finally got back on the road, had a short drive to Wellington caves on Monday, then on to Dubbo to look around the Zoo Yesterday and today. Yesterday was so cold and today very wet but we still enjoyed our time, we cycled around yesterday which was great, apart from me falling off my bike into the mud nearly destroying my camera, but Chris managed to clean it up and saved the day. (No I didn’t hurt my self ). Today we went down in Chris’s car as too wet to cycle.We got to the Zoo quite early so not many people around, we had the baby elephants too ourselves I could watch it all day soooo cute. He was throwing dust around and rolling in the mud having a ball in the rain just gorgeous 

It was our first time at the Zoo and at Wellington Cave both well worth a visit. The accomodation is nice at Wellington Cave not as busy as the Big 4 Park in Dubbo but both nice and clean and well kept. 

One of the Caves and the old Mine we went into on Monday
We said goodbye to Chris today, cant thank him enough for all he has done in the last month will miss him heaps 

Our next stop will be Hawkes Nest looking forward to seeing the sea 


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