Seal Rocks, Dolphin & Whale Watching 

We have spent the last couple of days at Seal Rocks, what an amazing little place, every morning we have watched the dolphins straight across from our camp site, they are very fast and very playful in the surf. The weather has been amazing can’t believe Brian and I have been in shorts and Tee Shirts, but not complaining 

The last two days we have walked up to Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse and watched the whales go past on there way north, I have never seen so many at one time, loved it. I didn’t get any close up pictures but I think Brian got a few .

It was about a 2km walk up too the lighthouse but absolutely worth it, we then had a walk down to the beach at that side, not as sheltered and a lot more rouged lots off Rocks to climb 

We sure are getting in a lot off walking, but i must confess I did have an ice cream on the way down but i think i deserved it.

We will be moving tomorrow to Fingel Bay for three days before we have to go back to Sydney for a couple off appointments. We hope to get out on a whale watching tour as the weather has been so good the sea just so calm so fingers crossed.

We are sure enjoying the coast each place we have stayed has its own charm, no complaints about any of the sites all very well maintainedThe Sunliner has behaved its self and we are getting better at setting up and packing up to go on to the next place, we are stocking up on food about every three to four days, so lots of fresh fruit and veggies eating very well and mainly healthy !! Brian and i are both enjoying our traveling so far so good next stop Fingel Bay

See you all soon in Fingel Bay Dawn & Brian


2 thoughts on “Seal Rocks, Dolphin & Whale Watching 

    • Today love was just magical Brian got some great pictures of the Whales Breaching you didn’t know which way to look there was whales and dolphins everywhere well worth the money, the 3 hours went so quickly

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