Whale of a Day

What an amazing day Whale Watching we arrived at Fingel Bay on Friday around lunch time then went straight down and boarded a Whale watching tour, boy we were in for such a treat, the three hours turned into a Whale watching carnival, breaching and playing in front of us we did not know which way to look just amazing.  Brian took this photo love it !!!We saw a mum with her calf, males showing off in front of females, also dolphins and seals what a day 

Today Saturday we walked across from Fingal Bay to Fingal Island, it can only be accessed when the tide is out. We walked up to the lighthouse and it was well worth it. When we reached the top we could again see heaps of whales passing by so blessed 

It sure is a beautiful part of the world, we have been so lucky with the weather, it is a bit chilly in the morning but we soon warm up when we start to walk, today we have walked 16,000 steps, quite hard going sometimes on the sand for me.

Tomorrow we hope to get on our bikes and have a look around, there looks like there is a bike track next to the side of the road near our camp site so that hopefully will be another fabulous day before we have to head back to Sydney for a week or so

Talk soon 


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