Murrurundi then Tamworth to catch up with my good friend Heather

We arrived in Murrurundi mid afternoon after stopping off at a country pub for lunch, we had the biggest chicken schnitzel i have ever seen with veggies chips gravy and a free coffee, all for $9 each, we also picked up a few bits and pieces from the local store then headed to the camp site. It was bloody cold and windy, not a bad little place but would not want to stay more than a night. They had a nice little kitchen area and a fire out side but too cold for me to be out there. We to set up for the night but i was not feeling well i had bad headache,my shoulder was hurting i felt sore all over, i crawled into bed around 8.30pm had a good cry and then stayed awake most off the night, the big coal trains were going past, and the trucks so not much sleep. We got up and had breakfast down at the outdoor area, the wind had dropped but still very chilly. We packed up and headed for Tamworth

Sunliner parked at Murrurundi

We headed off to Paradise Park in Tamworth we did not have far to go to the campsite, it was very nice, we got set up then went into Tamworth to see my friend Heather, we have been friends for over 20 years so always good to catch up, she works in her sons shop in the Atrium , ” Sportspower Tamworth”  i snuck up behind her and scared her half to death lol      lovely shop i even bought a pair of trainers, very comfortable i might add.
Heather & Dawn

We caught up that night and went to the Diggers Club in Tamworth and had a lovely meal and catch up, soooo good to see her, i slept so much better that night she always makes me laugh i felt so much better.

Heather picked us up the next morning, we went and watch the little ones play soccer, Brian loved it love to see the kids out playing sport, we then went to watch the men play with the oval ball !!! Then off to the pub across the road were they auctioned off all the shirts for charity, they made over $10,000 not a bad effort great country spirit.
On Sunday morning Brian and i went to the Country Music Hall of Fame, 

it was next to our campsite, very interesting we spent well over an hour in there we had a bit of lunch before Heather picked us up and took us out for a drive to Nundle lovely little place it has the only functioning woolmill left in Australia unfortunately it was just closing as we arrived so will have to call in on our way back down. We had to stop a couple of times to let the locals cross the road, cows, kangaroos etc

We stopped at Chaffey Dam on the way home, it was very full which is always good to see lots of water for lots of cups of tea Heather said lol she likes her cuppa 
It was just on dusk as we headed back to Tamworth so lots of opportunities to take photos
We had a quick bite to eat then headed off to the Entertainment Centre to see the tribute to Queen Concert it was great we were very impressed with the seats we only booked the night before and got seats 10 rows back not that we sat down much we were up dancing and clapping most of the night, we all had a great night, even got to meet the cast after the show
Well sadly we had to say goodbye to Heather on Monday morning but boy we packed in some more good times which will become great memories. Love you Wifey see you again soon xxx
Next stop Bonny Hills Wauchope were the weather should be a little warmer see you there


One thought on “Murrurundi then Tamworth to catch up with my good friend Heather

  1. Well it wonderful as usual to catch up with you again wifey.. And Brian too of course. Our friendship goes back many years and we have such wonderful memories being true friends. The old saying… True friends are life diamonds..precious but rare…false ones like autumn leaves found everywhere… You guys are diamonds! I’m sure we still have many fantastic memories yet to create.
    Enjoy your travels.. Looking forward to catching up again soon


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