Mylestom & Coffs Harbour 

Hi there how are you all, Brian and I have been a little sick since my last Blog, Brian had the man flu, he was quite sick for a few days, dosed him up with hot lemon and antibiotics as it went to his chest, and plenty of Panadol, and I had a pain running all the way down the back of my left leg, could not sit or stand comfortably sciatica  I thing very painfully. I went to get a pedicure as I could not bend down to do my nails and she put the vibrating chair on my back while she did my feet and that helped immensely thank goodness.

We spent three days in Mylestom, not much to do there at all, nice beaches you can walk for miles if you feel like it, we saw a Whale breaching in the distance watched him for about an hour never get tired of seeing the whales. I think we both had a nanny naps on the beach as we had a few restless nights, but that’s ok !!!

We had some lovely sunsets, and the Sunliner looked great with the firery sky behind her, it was quite chilly in the evenings when the sun went down but lovely through the day. We had a kookaburra that sat in the tree next too our van beautiful bird although quite loud when he got wound up also lots or lorikeets and bush turkeys
I did not take many picture at Mylestom as didn’t feel great and really not much to see, we walked down to the river a couple of times, only about 10mins away and had a feed at the one and only shop/take a way. 
We moved to Coffs Harbour on Wednesday and Went straight to the shops to stock up on food as we had used most of our fresh fruit and veggies, we pulled in to the campsite in Coffs Harbour it was very big and very nice, great facility and it was in walking distance of every thing which is always a bonus. There are heaps of rabbits running around they are everywhere you have to watch out for them as they go under the van, not a smart move !!!
We have been out on our bikes for the last couple of days, there are a couple of good bike tracks that take you down to the Jetty, the weather is great although we did get a nice bit of rain last night, it is great to be in shorts and T shirts in the middle of winter no complaints from us even got a bit if a tan happening.

Brian and i walked up to the movies on Tuesday night and watched the new Planet of the Apes movie it was great, even Brian enjoyed it not his type of movie but we got a couple of laughs out of him all the same.
We also visited the place where they make the clogs it’s years since I have been there still the same hasn’t changed at allWe are moving tomorrow to Red Rock so speak soon 


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