Ballina & Brunswick Heads

I have fallen in love with Ballina, we spent a couple of nights at the Discovery Park very nice and very full, it was like a revolving day one van out another in, but then we went to our friends place and are staying with them for a week. Warwick & Gloria live on the river, lovely house great company ideal setting just love the place.

Brian and I walked out to the end of Ballina spit and straight away saw Dolphins & Whales we are great at spotting them now, the whales were really close in and the dolphins just surfing the waves a magnificent sight I can watch them for hours, Brian has to drag me away lol

On Saturday Brian and Warwick went off for a boys day and I had the day to my self, I did a walk up to the lighthouse, down along the beach then to the end of the spit, only saw one Whale, but nice and close in.

We had a lovely meal out with our friends at an Italian Restaurant that night very enjoyable.

We drove our Sunliner over to Warwick & Glorias house and parked her up as we are staying in their house!!!! Luxury not having to walk out side to the loo or shower oh the little things we miss.

Warwick drove us over th Brunswick Heads, we had a look round the Sunday markets, bought my self a little sun dress as the weather is amazing supposed to be 29deg this Wednesday & Thursday looking forward to a beach day to work on the tan.

We might even get the kayaks out and do a bit of fishing in the next coupl of days, see how we go.
The last two night we have sat around the fire pit, drinking wine eating fresh prawns, toasting marshmallows oh what a life, love this thing called retirement, go to bed when you want get up when you want, have a nanny nap on the beach hard life lol

It has been great to have friends to talk with and catch up, it sure breaks things up a bit, in a nice way, a chance to enjoy the company of friends is always good.

Brian has been helping Warwick around the yard a bit today, even got to go to his favourite shop Bunnings, it’s been a while lol

I have done my daily walks to the end of the spit, I am loving Ballina, I just love the nature on the door step, today we saw a sea eagle with a fish in his claws, flew over us then landed just behind us and eat his fish, magnificent sight

Also saw lots of lizards and various birds, you just don’t know who you are going to bump into

We have a couple more days here sure am going to miss this place


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