Pottsville, Bongaree Bribie Island 

I have been slack again sorry, having a great time no time too keeping up with the blogging lol

Pottsville was a lovely campsite except for the tree we were parked under was full of roosting birds every night, which not only left a massive mess on the Sunliner, boy they were noisy and dropped a lot of seeds on the roof keeping us awake little buggers.

We did a lot of walking on the beach, really getting the steps in, we also managed to get in some bike riding, even a bit of dress shopping at a lovely little boutique I found !!!   Did a great deal getting them own to $50 as it was very dirty on the bottom but only needed a wash now as good as newThey also do some great Fish & Chips & Prawns just across the road from the campsite Yum !!!!

We had fantastic weather the four days we were there, a little busy as start of the school holidays but nothing that bothered us.

We were lucky enough to see whales & dolphins again but never get enough of them, especially why you see them from the beach just breaching in front of you and playing in the waves, I can’t wait to get down two the beach each day

Oh Our next stop was Bribie Island l just loved this place, we we parked across from the water, next to the RSL club, plenty of places to get a great seafood meal, or a salted caramel ice cream, I probably had two much of all of them.
We did do a lot of walking again and two very long bike rides, across the island so I think I deserved my ice cream.

We did get a couple of very windy days, one of theses day we hardly left the Sunliner as it was very dangerous with branches falling and stuff blowing around not pleasant 

I loved the sunsets on Bribie Island just beautiful, it was great to just walk across the road and you were on the beach, my kind of place.

I was a little disappointed that we weren’t able to go out on a boat from here when the weather calmed down, oh well you can’t have everything I suppose 

Loved the clear water and the sea life we saw as we walked in the water most mornings, the water was quite warm but still a little chilly for me two swim lol

This is one place I would really like to come back two, we even had a ride around on our bikes to look at the new places they are building, don’t know if it will get two big though, there’s a lot of properties been built, with not much space between them and on little blocks !!!! 

Well that’s all for now, I am still a little behind, will try to catch up in the next few days

Next stop Cambooya to see my brothers new place, stay safe everyone 



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