Sorting out rSunliner

Monday 1st MayToday we did a lot in the Sunliner rearranging thinks to make life a little easier.

Took a lot of stuff into Charlie’s for him to garage sale on the weekend made him happy, made me happier as I can now get in and out of the van and know where most of our stuff is.

We all had a ride into Huonville it had been raining quite hard then the sun came out and I managed to snap this rainbow

I am finding the scenery breathtaking and don’t know we’re to look some times, I am finding myself constantly behind the camera lens trying to capture the beauty like this picture

That night we sat outside round a fire, The wine flowed, Stories were told, it was a fantastic night.

We had a home cooked dinner my contribution was an Apple and Pear crumble, all freshly picked from Charlie’s trees.

Didn’t get chance to take a picture of the pie didn’t last long enough lol


Sunday 30th April on our way to Charlie’s to reunite with rSunliner 

Sunday morning 30th April was time to say goodbye to a few people, we all went downstairs to have another good feed before going our separate ways. I said goodbye to my good friend Bhajan


Dawn & Bhajan

Melissa, Mark and the kids drove us over to my brothers house in Huonville, it was good to see Charlie he was busy with his garage sale and sorting his garlic ready to plant.

Charlie my brother

The kids loved Charlie’s garden they went and filled their pockets with apples, Melissa & I helped our selves to some Almonds straight from the tree ” delicious”

Charlie’s mate came around and dropped off a beautiful Crayfish which was so fresh and tasty let me tell you yum yum yum

Brian did a bit of sorting in the Sunliner, while I caught up with Charlie, we then noticed that there was a bushfire burning behind the cherry orchard boy did it through out some smoke and ash but did make for a nice sunset shot.

Smokey Sunset

It is time to catch up on the last 3 days.


Saturday 29/4/2017 was a beautiful day in Hobart, Bhajan and I headed down for breakfast just after 8am, with a good feed of Scrambled Eggs bacon and coffee we were ready to hit the markets.

There is always so much to see and do, The smell of the fresh coffee, The aromas of different foods cooking, and always a chance to sample the local grown products especially the apples for Brian !


Dawn at Salamanca Markets


It was fast approaching the end of Targa Tasmania 2017. Bhajan and Melissa the kids and I were all waiting at the finish to welcome the Guys home.

The Guys did not get a place on the podium this year but did manage to finish, that is a massive achievement.

We had a great meal out to celebrate with great friends.


Hi there, arrived safely in Tasmania after a very early start – thanks Chris for getting me to the station on time. We caught the 5.40am train then we flew out at about 8.00am after a slight delay.
A beautiful day in Hobart a tad chilly but the sun is out, already had a bit of a splurge purchased the new Samsung 8 got my self a great deal I might add.
Purchased a new pair of boots, plus a lovely poncho . Not bad for a couple of hours work !!!
Waiting for the boys to arrive after the last day but one in Targa Tasmania 2017

Feeling Good!!

Officially Retired 

So now it is official I am
Today, Thursday April 27 2017, was my last day at work.  I got a great send off from my clients, spoiled rotten with champagne, chocolate, wine flowers a lovely book and lots more, it was bitter sweet but looking forward now to flying out tomorrow to Tasmania.

I will be meeting up with Brian in Hobart on Saturday at the end of Targa Tasmania 2017. We will be having a meal out with all the racing pals and their partners in the evening – hopefully to celebrate a win !!!
Brian and I will then head to Huonville to my brothers place and be reunited with our Motor Home.
I am looking forward to a catch up with my brother Charlie for a few days then our real adventure will begin.

Stay tuned !!!

Our Decision to do Our Road Trip

The decision to do our first Road Trip around Australia in the end was quite an easy one. Like a lot of people we had talked about traveling around Australia but too actually go out and do it is a whole new ball game.

Brian had his eye on the Sunliner for quite some time, he had been retired for nearly a year and was ready to do something different. We had sold our home 3 years earlier and rented until we decided what we were going to do.

Contemplating Our Road Trip Around Australia

Well now its time to take the bull by the horns, we started to sell off our furniture, we did a garage sale, as putting it in storage was not an option, we do not know how long we intended to be away and will not purchase a massive 4 bedroom house when we do return. ( The kids thought we had gone MAD ) It took a good month to get rid of everything, but no time to look back its only stuff !!
Brian flew to Perth, Was more than happy with the Motor Home and the purchase was made at the beginning of April. Brian drove the Sunliner back to Sydney.
I gave in my notice at work, I agree to stay in my job until the end of April, this meant that we had to move in with our son Chris for a couple of week, as we moved out of the rental mid April.
Brian is a very keen motor racing enthusiast, for the past seven years he has taken part in the Targa Tasmania motor race, mainly as the Navigator this year been no exception, he left on the Tuesday after Easter to drive down to Melbourne in the Sunliner to catch the Spirit of Tasmania. He caught it by the skin of his teeth as there was lots of road works, a very stressful trip indeed. On arrival in Tasmania he drove the van to Huonville to my brothers place, had a quick catch-up then left the van with my brother and took the bus to Launceston to meet up with the rest of the racing crew.
Meanwhile i am still with my son, I finish work on Thursday the 27th April and will fly down to Tasmania on the 28th April with my friend who’s husband is also racing in the event, we will meet up with our husbands on Saturday at the finish line in Hobart ( Hoping for a champagne shower finish ) On Sunday we will be reunited with the Sunliner in Huonville, spend a few days with my brother then our Trip Round Australia can begin.
Stay tuned only 3 days before i leave for Tasmania!!!