Great to catch up with the Locals

We had a great couple of days at Hawksnest & Tea Gardens we had close encounter with kookaburras it just sat and posed for me love it. They have been our alarm clock each morning plus a dingo howling but we have not been lucky enough to see him. We have had a walk on the beach every morning then a bike ride in the afternoon so keeping nice and fit. I also had a close encounter with a Pelican I came up to me looking for food !!! I gave him a bit of fish then told him to go catch his own

We have seen Dolphins ever time we have been down to the beach feeling so very lucky they make my day. Ok I know the picture is not that good but they are hard to photograph lolBrian & I have enjoyed our first week in the Sunliner, we are getting into a little routine and learning stuff everyday.  We are moving to Seal Rocks tomorrow for three night, it’s frustrating that we can’t go far as I have an appointment in Penrith on the 12th & 19th of July that I have too attend but that’s ok, we are having a good time and as I said learning heaps about each other the Sunliner, and enjoying every experience. 

I am loving getting out on my bike, and managing not to fall off in the last two days is a big plus lol

Yesterday unfortunately Brian got a puncture hence the sad face but we pushed the bikes back to our camp and Brian had it fixed in no time. A lot easier to fix than the van was thank goodness and back out on it today 
I am sure we will be back to Jimmy Camp site really is a very nice place, talk to you from Seal Rocks
Happy Travels Everyone 

Dawn & Brian

TW3 – That Was The Week That Was (addendum)


We had 3 nights in Dubbo and then on Thursday the 29th we headed off to the lovely coastal town of Hawks Nest. NSW school holidays started on the 30th and we were wondering how busy our chosen Tourist Park would be – we needn’t have been concerned. The North Coast Holiday Parks site at Jimmy’s Beach in Hawks Nest is beautiful, immaculately clean and tidy and located in a fantastic position Jimmy’s Beach. Hawks Nest sits on a narrow neck with the Pacific Ocean at one side and the delightful Port Stephens on the more sheltered side.

The photographs speak for themselves  – every day we have seen pods of dolphins. The ocean is always in motion and it has been a mixture of windy/heavy swell to flat and mill pond – or as flat as The Pacific Ocean can be…


Dawn on the white sand


Pelicans are everywhere in this lovely place


This is the Port Stephens side – lovely sheltered waterways


Hello Love


Seaweed in the swell


3 metre swell


Goodbye July 2










Beautiful sunset

TW3 – That Was The Week That Was…

At last – we got back on the road on Monday June 26 and headed over the Blue Mountains and on to Dubbo. I have always wanted to visit The Western Plains Zoo being of the belief that with the extra space, the animal exhibits would have lots of space to roam.

But before we arrived in Dubbo we called first of all at Wellington to see The Wellington Caves and Phosphor Mine. We joined a tour and went underground in the limestone caves. Whilst they are not the most spectacular caves we have seen – they don’t hold a candle to Jenolan Caves for instance – they are pretty good. We learned that the Phosphor Mine was in fact an investment scam!!! in 1917…

We were booked into the Big4 Tourist Park ( ) just down the road from the zoo and so, on Tuesday the 27th we headed to the Zoo. It was quite cold and grey – only 12 degrees or so and we decided that we would go around the Gardens on our bicycles. It was just a couple of kilometres to the zoo and 6kms around and we took our time in touring around the exhibits. Here are a few of the images


The Southern Rhino is endangered and part of a global breeding program


The Meerkat Lookout!!


The Hippo has his teeth cleaned….

It was getting colder as we did the rounds – and then it began to rain. But there was still so much to see


Hello Cats… That’s no way to treat your Mother…


Mamma is always vigilant…


Cats everywhere


This is my DAD!!!!

We didn’t have enough time to see all the exhibits on Tuesday so went back again on Wednesday. Wednesday was even more cold – and even more rainy…





Did I tell you there would be CATS….

From Dubbo To Hawksnest

We drove across from Dubbo too Hawknest on Thursday, arrived at our campsite and very pleasantly surprised, every thing you need very clean, friendly staff, spacious place to park the Sunliner, all good. Even had a couple of good BBQ’s

Brian and i have had a good couple of days, still getting used to the Sunliner but no major issues so pleased about that.  We have done a couple of walks on the beach which is on the doorstep. One side is very calm the other side very rough, the waves have been bashing in as it has been very windy, that did not stop us though we got rugged up and off we went to take some pictures.

I did get a bit carried away and the waves came crashing around my feet and yes i fell over and got very wet !! I know i am making a habit of falling over, no I didn’t hurt my self but was pleased with some of the pictures I captured 
I feel so at home when i am on the beach and near the sea, it could be because i am a Pisces !!!!  We even got to see Dolphins yesterday as we were walking along the beach, they didn’t hang around for long but they made my day.
There are two different ways down to the beach, one side is sheltered one not so the pictures i took were very different 

I was like a child today collecting shells, and i found these i think they are shark eggs
Brian and i are going to get the bikes out tomorrow if the wind drops, we will cycle round to Tea Gardens (i will try not to fall off)  and we will check this place out hopefully there will be some markets on, looking forward to another good day tomorrow 

That’s all for now Brian & Dawn

Back On The Road

Well we have finally got back on the road, had a short drive to Wellington caves on Monday, then on to Dubbo to look around the Zoo Yesterday and today. Yesterday was so cold and today very wet but we still enjoyed our time, we cycled around yesterday which was great, apart from me falling off my bike into the mud nearly destroying my camera, but Chris managed to clean it up and saved the day. (No I didn’t hurt my self ). Today we went down in Chris’s car as too wet to cycle.We got to the Zoo quite early so not many people around, we had the baby elephants too ourselves I could watch it all day soooo cute. He was throwing dust around and rolling in the mud having a ball in the rain just gorgeous 

It was our first time at the Zoo and at Wellington Cave both well worth a visit. The accomodation is nice at Wellington Cave not as busy as the Big 4 Park in Dubbo but both nice and clean and well kept. 

One of the Caves and the old Mine we went into on Monday
We said goodbye to Chris today, cant thank him enough for all he has done in the last month will miss him heaps 

Our next stop will be Hawkes Nest looking forward to seeing the sea 

Return of the Sunliner, Re Start Our Trip

Yay at last we have picked up the Sunliner, all back to her sparkling self

We are packing up the Sunliner once again, cleaned her all inside, cleaned the fridge, repacked the cupboards etc

Beding and towels all washed and ready to go back in, went and did some shopping restocked the cupboards, heading to the farmers markets on Sunday to restock the fridge and then we will head out on Monday 

We are going to go to Dubbo and stop at the Zoo as we have always driven through but never stopped, we are planning to cycle round weather permitting give me a chance to try out my new bike again

It will be hard to leave my kids again, thank goodness for FaceTime, was lovely to catch up with Ayshea and Phil and Chris

I would like to say a big thank you to Chris for letting us stay out his place, it has been great, thanks for taking me out bushwalking and cycling you sure have had a lot of patience with me lol     love you heaps will miss you loads xxx

Ayshea and Phil and Isabel always good to catch up with your little family, got in a couple of extra visits and meals out which i never say no too lol.   Love you all to the moon and back will miss you beautiful girl xxxxx
We are going to dinner with our good friends tomorrow night Geoff and Bhajan always puts on a good meal, it feels like we have done this all before lol hope this time our trip lasts a bit longer, always good to catch up though xx
Thank you to our friends that have helped us out with cars and lifts we have been very lucky to have such good family and friends that have been there for us.

Well my next post we should be on our way feeling very excited but a little sad hate saying goodbye 

Stay tuned Dawn xxxx

TW3 – That Was The Week That Was

Still not a lot happening although I was speaking to the smash repairer and the Sunliner door is being painted – we hope to be reunited with her on the 20-21st with a bit of luck.

We’ve tried to make the best of our enforced dalliance in Sydney – I have brought all my documentation up to date so will be ready to file my tax returns as soon as the FY ends!!

Did I tell you that the Sunliner now sports NSW registration plates.

Still with our wings clipped in Sydney we headed off into the Blue Mountains (The Blue Mountains National Park starts just behind where we are staying so we didn’t have to go too far). We went up to Lawson and then walked the “Waterfall Circuit”, the first one we came to being Cataract Falls. It was at Cataract Gorge where the Sunliner was molested – but this was a different Cataract altogether… I had just bought a new camera and so it was an ideal location to try some of the more elaborate settings. We had our son Chris with us who is something of a photography guru and he showed me how to perfect one of the effects I have always wanted to achieve – but never knew how.

Here are some of my initial efforts with the new camera


I always love it when Rainbow Lorikeets come into the garden. I used to have one as a pet…


You would swear that the trees had been painted – but this is their natural winter look…


Delicate Wild Flowers – even winter time has its beauty


This is Cataract Falls


You can see the effect I was trying to master – the milkiness of the water


I am quite happy with my first attempt. All I have to do is remember the settings…



Clovelly to Bondi

On Monday the 12th it was a public holiday – Queen’s Birthday – and so we decided to go off to Clovelly and do the Coastal Walk to Bondi (and return).

It was a beautiful winter’s day, just touching 20 deg, and clear as any day could be. You never tire of the walk in the clean Pacific Air and the views are always spectacular. We were lucky enough to spot the plumes from 4 or 5 Humpback Whales about 2kms off shore as they migrated North – which is exactly what we should be doing in the next week or so once we get our Sunliner back again.

Stay tuned for another That Was The Week That Was…


Dawn with the Beautiful view toward Bondi


I Love it when the Ocean sparkles in the afternoon sun


Where else but Bondi Beach

From The Mountains Too The Sea

June Long Weekend, well we thought we would be up in QLD for the Long Weekend but still waiting for the Sunliner to be fixed

We did make the most of the lovely weather though, Brian bought a new camera to replace the one that was stolen, so Chris took us up to Lawson in the Blue Mountains on Sunday to give it a go, there are quite a few different waterfalls on the track we walked along one of them been Cataract Falls. (These are the photos i took Brian will post his later)

The walk is about 2 hours normally but with all the stops for photography we doubled that lol but well worth it great day out.

Chris taking some shots of the waterfall, he does an amazing job so was good to have him come along and give Brian some tips

We saw lots of different fungi some stunning colours, and the colours in the leaves just glorious this time of year.

Chris also spotted this tiny birds nest in the tree

Monday Brian and I decided to do the Clovelly to Bondi Coastal walk its a great walk very popular especial when its a very pleasant 19 degs. We walked to Bondi had fish & chips then walked back a good 10km walk 

This is the start of the walk at Clovelly gorgeous little beach 

We are about halfway round in this shot, we spotted some whales but just the spray from their blow holes as they were quite far out, love whalesmakes my day i always look out for them hoping one will pop up and put on a show

I could smell our Fish & Chips by the time i got to here, Bondi is a very popular place for locals and visitors but we managed to get a table and devoured our late lunch, we hung around for an hour or so before heading back to Clovelly to the car.

Hopefully my next Blog will be good news and we will have the Sunliner back !!! Fingers Crossed hope you all had a lovely long weekend 

Day trip to Davistown

Well some GOOD NEWS, we have finally got the Sunliner into the repairer at Smithfield, near Parramatta they are working on it as we speak so hopefully not long now before we are back on the road and can continue with our Trip Around Australia.

We decided to pay our daughter Ayshea and her partner Phil and Isabel a visit on Sunday as it was a lovely sunny day, we got up early and Chris drove us to the station as we decided to travel by train for a change up to Gosford. I have not done this trip before by train and was pleasantly surprised how quickly the journey passed and how beautiful the countryside was.

Chris didn’t come with us as he was coming down with a cold and was not well at all.

Ayshea picked us up at the station, it is always lovely to see her, she drove us out to have a look at the block of land her and Phil have just purchased she is very excited about the future and they are looking forward to building their first home together.

We then went to her unit and met up with Phil and Isabel, we decided to take the ferry to Davistown and have lunch at the RSL Club

On the ferry across we saw heaps of the local Pelicans both in the water and out, Isabel and i had a competion who could spot the most, she is full on never stops love her to bits.

The ferry ride across is lovely you get to see a lot of lovely homes, both old and new. We then hoped on a bus to the RSL for lunch it was very busy so Brian and Isabel were running around in the park like crazy people and had lots of fun while waiting for our meal to be cooked. Isabel was on the slide and bouncy castle having heaps of fun.

Ayshea Foster with her dad Brian Foster on the ferry to Davistown 

We all enjoyed our meal and had a good catch up, it is great to see how happy Ayshea Phil and Isabel are such a lovely little family.  Brian and i are very happy for them, as parents we are very proud, it always lifts my spirits when we have a visit to see them or they come and see us it gives me my fix for a while lol Love both my kids very much 

The sky was beautiful on the ferry ride back what a lovely day we all had i think we all slept well on Sunday night i know i did.

That Was The Week That Was

Another week or so has past for Dawn and I still in the limbo caused by having the Sunliner broken into. However the good news is that our insurer CIL has pulled out all the stops and the Assessor has put me in contact with a repairer in the Sydney suburb of Smithfield. The CIL instruction to the repairer is to get the job done as a priority.

Happily, I have taken the Sunliner to the workshop today (Saturday) and the Proprietor will start work on it on Monday. We have been told by Sunliner/Dometic/Uncle Tom Cobley and All that there are no replacement doors to be had that will fit my model Sunliner and therefore I contacted Roam Safe who custom build RV Doors. Hopefully between the efforts of ourselves, the repairer and possibly Roam Safe Dawn and I should be able to get back on the road sooner rather than later. I sincerely hope so.

In the meantime of course we have renewed our acquaintance with Sydney and Surrounds, even though it is only 5 weeks since we lived here!! We have managed to have all our bank cards, club cards, transport and Medicare cards replaced as well as taking in a few trips to Darling Harbour and The City for the Vivid Festival.


Dawn loves her lobster lunch


I always feel proud when the flag flies above Darling Harbour


Projection onto one of the Martin Place Buildings – this was very clever…


Never get tired of this view – photographed from The Cahill Expressway above Circular Quay


Guess Who…


Vivid really is spectacular and well worth a visit


The Harbour Bridge and Opera House always play a starring role

I managed to get the Sunliner off the West Australian plates and she is now registered in her new “Home State” of New South Wales. The brown slip (pre-registration) exercise was reasonably painless but I could have done without the hefty Stamp Duty tax. It amazes me that I have to pay duty on the GST component of the purchase price as well which seems a bit like double-dipping but at least I don’t have to think about that again until May 2018.

So my friends not a lot has happened since my last posting but I hope to be able to tell a good success story of how well the repairer has done in the next TWTWTW….