Charlie & Me time to say Goodbye 

16th May

It was time to say goodbye to my Brother Charlie today, we had a good couple of weeks catching up and reminiscing,

Charlie was very sick about four years ago he had bowel cancer and we nearly lost him, it was hit and miss for a while but after a long 5 hour operation he made it through, He ended up staying with Brian and I for about 6 months, through all the radiation and chemotherapy treatment , it wasn’t easy for any of us, but family stick together.

Seeing him look so well this visit really lifted my spirit, watching him work in the garden planting endless gloves of garlic made me smile, he has so many different things growing I was picking and shelling Almonds never tasted so good, we made at least three apple crumbles and apple pies in two weeks lol Brian had the grapefruit and Pears,

Sitting around the fire out side most night, I became accustomed to the smell of smoke on all my clothes, we chatted about all sorts of stuff, from when we were kids to the plans for our futures.

Driving away today I wasn’t sad, just the opposite, Charlie lives his own life always has always will, but it was good to share some quality time together hope we catch up soon brother of mine, love you xxx

Mothers Day Dover Tasmania 

Well Mothers Day this year was a little different spent in Dover Tasmania with Brian my hubby, we went out for a drive over to Dover another beautiful part of Tassie, we had a stroll on the beach, almost had it to ourselves the sun was out after a couple of very cold days, so we made the most of  itWe had lunch over at the local RSL Club which was lovely, the staff and locals were all very friendly which was great, I was given chocolate from the young girl who served our lunch, it was definitely all about making mums feel special

I also captured the rainbow shooting out of the howitzer (field gun) out the front of the RSL Dover
As I was eating my lunch and looked out of the window there was this beautiful rainbow across the bay just for me !!!

After our fish and chip lunch we went for another walk, as we did also have a big dessert and needed to walk it off, Brian was running around chasing the seagulls ( too much sugar I think)
We saw a guy that reminded me of Wurzel Gumage collecting seaweed for his garden, Brian had a chat to him, he washes it of then dries it out and then puts it on his garden, he was a lovely old chap
We had a lovely day, I wish to thank Brian as he knew I was missing the kids on Mother’s Day but made it very special
Thank You Love You xxxx

We only have a couple of days left in Tassi before heading back to the mainland so we will be making the most of them, who can resist theses gorgeous beaches

TWTWTW – That Was The Week That Was

This first review should really be That Was The Fortnight That Was…

2 weeks ago we were still racing in Targa Tasmania and stayed overnight in a delightful little coastal town called…. See if you can guess, here is a clue


That’s right – we were staying in the little town of Penguin in North West Tasmania…

After Targa had finished Dawn and I went down into the Huon Valley to Dawn’s brother Charlie’s house where the Sunliner had been parked whilst I was racing.

We went back up to Launceston, stayed the night at Longford and then on the “fateful” Thursday we visited Cataract Gorge. The Sunliner was unfortunately broken into whilst we were enjoying the scenery but we’ll concentrate on the positive which was the visit to the Gorge. The River Esk flows through the Gorge and our English followers will know that the River Esk flows through the beautiful town of Whitby where Captain James Cook was from. This is the South Esk.

Dawn and I had a lovely walk in the Gorge and we both took heaps of photographs. Dawn has posted some and here are a few more from my camera…


The next day was taken up by needing some repairs to the door of the Sunliner following the break-in. Lots of thanks go to Kings Caravans in Hobart  who made room for us in their busy schedule to try to repair the damage. Alas, they were only able to make a temporary repair as they don’t carry Sunliner spares. Regrettably the main motorhome door is gaping still and is an open invitation to the next set of thieves who fancy rummaging around in our van to see what they can steal…


We are just a couple of weeks away from the onset of winter in Tasmania and picking the right day to go out on the water, especially when the water is the cold Southern Ocean, is crucial. Dawn was spot on again when she booked for us to go to Bruny Island which is marketed as The Island off an Island. It is a truly spectacular place and is rightly a favourite of all tourists to this area. We booked a morning cruise with Robert Pennicott Wilderness Tours and we cannot recommend it highly enough. The day was spectacular – yes it was cold, very cold, but the interest, the sights, the sounds all distract you from thinking about how cold you are. The company provide wind/water proof coats, beanies and gloves to help keep the cold at bay. The popularity of the cruises can be measured as we were one of a flotilla of 3 boats participating on Wednesday May 10… There are a couple of images of the sister boats where you can gauge the size…

Bruny was complete exhilaration. The scenery is All Grandeur, the Wildlife diverse and so plentiful and the environment constantly changing.


The narrow isthmus between North and South Bruny is less than 50 metres wide…


The narrow channel through the Monument is taken at high speed as a thrill for the tourists. Deep breath in folks…


The weather has now broken and it has been cold and wet since we were on Bruny. We are hoping to head up The East Coast on Monday the 15th after we have completed a couple of chores  – so join us again…





Party Time @ Charlie’s

Charlie decided to have a veranda party last night, He has been working on it all week with a little help from Brian, they did a pretty good job I think. We had a very wet day yesterday but that did not dampen the spirits of the guys that came round.I made a lovely meal in the slow cooker which went down a treat on the cold night, I picked apples from the tree and made two apple pies, no one went hungry, these are a couple of pictures of me and my brother Charlie and one of his mates Simon we managed to keep nice and warm around the fire, although I am over my clothes smelling of smoke yuk !!

One of the guys Govner even brought some fireworks which didn’t go down well with the neighbours but it was fun for a while !!

He has lots of interesting potted plants around the plants some of which he sells.

It sure has been a different kind of a week for Brian and I and I think Charlie’s been glad of a bit of company, it can be very lonely on your own, but there again he does sometimes prefer his own company, he does lots of reading I don’t think I have ever seen so many books in one persons home. These are a few he picked up the other day lol.  He also has lots of unique things in his home some freak me out a bit but hay that’s Charlie wouldn’t have him any other way.

Bruny Island

10th April

Today Brian and I got up early and headed off to Kettering to meet up with the bus to take us over to Bruny Island, it was a very cool start to the day but soon warmed up with a hot drink and a hot lamb and rosemary pie, not an ideal breakfast but did the trick.

 We then crossed over on the ferry about a 20 min trip and headed off to Adventure Bay, we did stop at a look out on the way where I took this picture, well worth the climb up the 250 steps 

We got on our boat and headed out to look for the colony of fur seals, we stopped on a number of occasions to look at the beauty of the rock formations, we saw Albatross gliding and swooping into the sea such a magnificent bird, we also saw the biggest pod of dolphins I have every seen at least 300 they were every where putting on a real show for us.

As you can see from our attire we are rugged up nice and warm, All the seals are just lazing around getting nice and fat waiting for mating season, there is a lot of squabbling and noise and the smell is quite over powering
It was a three hour tour, well worth the money, and for me I think the highlight was seeing so many dolphins and seeing them so close to the boat just riding the waves, great day out and once back on shore finished off with a lovely salmon lunch, and a hot drink to thaw out the fingers.

Finding Our new Talents this week

9th May

Good morning fellow campers, hope you are all well.

What a first week it has been in Tasmania adjusting to our new life, plenty of ups and down, plenty of good food wine and heaps of laughs with Charlie. Brian has been helping with the building and labouring, he is having a ball working outside.

These are a few of the things we have done.


Completing Targa Tasmania Mark, Warwick and Brian


I had ago at helping Charlie with his Garlic, got better with practice lol

Charlie sorting Garlic


I had ago at picking and shelling Almonds, which I might add are amazing eaten straight from the tree.

Cataract Gorge 2

I found the chairlift ride over the Gorge a great way to see everything from a different perspective

Looking down on the magnificent ferns for instance, amazing

We got to get up close and personal with the wallabies and the peacocks that roam freely around, it sure was a great way to get    Our  10,000 steps in for the day.

We headed back to the Sunliner around 1.30pm only to find we had been broken into, what a horrible sinking feeling, my handbag with every thing in had gone, purse, glasses, sunglasses, camera, and all the things a women carry around. Brian backpack with wallet sunglasses etc, we spent the next couple of hours in the police station and cancelling all our cards, the low life scum had already made 7 fraudulent purchases on our cards.

It’s the inconvenience of it all, we had to spend the next day getting the lock temporarily fixed up and bits and pieces done just so it was safe to drive around.

We got a call from a lady in Launceston saying she had found some stuff in the park, my makeup, some cards of my husbands nothing of value but it made me feel worse knowing someone was sat in the park going through my bag just randomly throwing stuff away.

Well as they say tomorrow’s another day, chin up !!!!!

Cataract Gorge

Thursday April 5th
Well you probably noticed that I have been quite for a couple of days.

After leaving Longford we went to visit Cataract Gorge, it was a place I heard was very beautiful from quite a few people including my son Chris so I wanted to see for my self, I was not disappointed. First we had breakfast at a lovely little cafe overlooking the Gorge which was yummy


Poached Pears, Rhubarb, Yoghurt & Muesli


We then walked over to the swing bridge, what a fabulous view of the Gorge


We walked for a good hour or so just drinking in the beauty of the place, and enjoying each other’s company

img_3954We met a few friends on the way some furry ones some feathered ones



Launceston – repair day

Wednesday May 3, Dawn and I drove up to Launceston to Brad Sheriff’s workshop where his talented team helped solve a problem we were having with our Lithium Batteries/Inverter set up. I learned a lot about our new van today and hopefully it won’t need to test my new found knowledge

We are now camped out at Longford Riverside Caravan Park. We arrived after dark and so we haven’t taken any pictures yet

What a lovely surprise when we woke in the morning to see we were on the river, even if it was only 2degs and very misty.

Sorting out rSunliner

Monday 1st MayToday we did a lot in the Sunliner rearranging thinks to make life a little easier.

Took a lot of stuff into Charlie’s for him to garage sale on the weekend made him happy, made me happier as I can now get in and out of the van and know where most of our stuff is.

We all had a ride into Huonville it had been raining quite hard then the sun came out and I managed to snap this rainbow

I am finding the scenery breathtaking and don’t know we’re to look some times, I am finding myself constantly behind the camera lens trying to capture the beauty like this picture

That night we sat outside round a fire, The wine flowed, Stories were told, it was a fantastic night.

We had a home cooked dinner my contribution was an Apple and Pear crumble, all freshly picked from Charlie’s trees.

Didn’t get chance to take a picture of the pie didn’t last long enough lol