Red Rock & Evans Head

Today we left Red Rock ( Blood Rock ). after a three day stay, it was a very special place, there was a massacre there where aboriginal people, Gumbaingirr People were driven off the headland into the sea over conflict about land, it was a place that made me feel very peaceful I went to the top of the cliff each day and watched whales and dolphins pass by, I lost track of time and just loved the place. ( I sat at the top of the cliff looking down on Red Rock)We had a couple of nice walks on the beach, we also took the bikes out but not a good place really to bike ride as no real tracks, we walked down on the other side where there was a big sandbank which on low tide was a great place to see pelicans, and fisherman but we didn’t see either of them catch much fish lol

There are heaps of these wild turkeys in most of the camps we have stayed out, very cheeky they come looking for a feed, watch out I have a packet of stuffing in the Sunliner!!!!!!! It is great to visit these amazing places, but to be honest I am struggling with the big changes, it would be great to hear from other people that are doing similar trips, 

It is different spending 24/7 with Each other and I’m sure Brian feels the same as it is not something either of us is used too !!! 

It’s dark at 5.30pm there is not a lot goes on in the camps at this time of year (wintertime) and it gets cold as soon as the sun goes down, we usually take a walk till it gets dark, and  I am sure it will be different as the nights get lighter and warm. We do get to say hello to a few people through the day but not much else. This is the hard bit for me as when I was at work I was surrounded by people all day long, it is a massive change and that’s the bit I am struggling with.

We are looking forward to catching up with our friends on Friday in Ballina Warwick and Gloria spend a couple of days catching up I am sure there will be lots of car talk lol.  Also lots of wine to be drunk 

We arrived at Evans Head today, another beautiful warm day, we had a walk along the river to the beach just in time to see another glorious sunsetThis Is a lovely place, lots of nice shops (bought a couple of tops) done a bit of walking had some lovely seafood working on the tan as the weather has been amazing, perfect !!!!

Next stop will be Ballina but on the way out of Evans Head Brian wanted to check out some planes made him happy !!

Time to get showers and ready to hit the town.  Take care Dawn & Brian


Bonny Hills Wauchope

Love this campsite at Bonny Hills (North Coast Park) very clean lovely room to cook up your food with every thing you need, great washing machines and a big area to hang out the washing, they even have a dog wash, not that we have a dog but i found it quite amusing. We are overlooking the ocean, fantastic view from our Sunliner watching the whales go past.We even have a friendly koala though he does look a bit blue today !!!!

Brian is sat enjoying the view before we go off for our morning walk. What will we see today ???

We had a great encounter with octopus on Monday fantastic to watch They are so quick 

We went back down to the rock pool yesterday and they were still there so took video of them, didn’t get very far on our walk lol we also saw a little wobbegong he was struggling in the very shallow water so Brian encouraged him back into deeper water.
The weather is just fantastic 24degs today so better head off to the beach, it’s calling my name or maybe Brian’s. !!!

Today we saw so many dolphins surfing the waves with the surfers, and just playing in the surf having a ball so good to watchIt will be very hard to leave this place but leave we must, next stop Nambucca Heads but before I go time for a couple more photos lol.    think I want to be a photographer when I grow up !!!!    Don’t know when that will good night from Bonny Hills

From Dubbo To Hawksnest

We drove across from Dubbo too Hawknest on Thursday, arrived at our campsite and very pleasantly surprised, every thing you need very clean, friendly staff, spacious place to park the Sunliner, all good. Even had a couple of good BBQ’s

Brian and i have had a good couple of days, still getting used to the Sunliner but no major issues so pleased about that.  We have done a couple of walks on the beach which is on the doorstep. One side is very calm the other side very rough, the waves have been bashing in as it has been very windy, that did not stop us though we got rugged up and off we went to take some pictures.

I did get a bit carried away and the waves came crashing around my feet and yes i fell over and got very wet !! I know i am making a habit of falling over, no I didn’t hurt my self but was pleased with some of the pictures I captured 
I feel so at home when i am on the beach and near the sea, it could be because i am a Pisces !!!!  We even got to see Dolphins yesterday as we were walking along the beach, they didn’t hang around for long but they made my day.
There are two different ways down to the beach, one side is sheltered one not so the pictures i took were very different 

I was like a child today collecting shells, and i found these i think they are shark eggs
Brian and i are going to get the bikes out tomorrow if the wind drops, we will cycle round to Tea Gardens (i will try not to fall off)  and we will check this place out hopefully there will be some markets on, looking forward to another good day tomorrow 

That’s all for now Brian & Dawn